Cash2Keys : Your Solution to Home-Buying Frustration

Make Your Home Buying Offer Unbeatable with a
Cash2Keys Cash Offer

In the age of endless bidding wars and sky-high property prices, standing out as a homebuyer has never been more challenging. That’s why we created Cash2Keys Cash Offer. Say goodbye to the bidding wars and financing fuss. AnnieMac’s Cash2Keys Cash Offer program transforms the way you buy your dream home. Get the upper hand with a strong cash offer, backed by AnnieMac Private Equity, and start living your homeownership dreams, hassle-free.

  • Beat the Bidding War: In today’s ultra-competitive market, a Cash2Keys Cash Offer is your secret weapon for outsmarting the competition and securing your dream home.
  • First Impressions Last: Make an unforgettable mark on sellers by offering them what they crave most: cash, upfront and ready to go.
  • Stress-Free Buying: Wave goodbye to the complexities and delays of mortgage approvals. Cash2Keys offers a straightforward approval process, letting you focus on what really matters — finding your perfect home.
  • For Every Buyer: Whether it’s your first time buying or you’re a seasoned pro, Cash2Keys Cash Offer levels the playing field, making homeownership accessible to everyone.
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Your Secret Weapon

Cash2Keys is a revolutionary program offered by AnnieMac Home Mortgage that transforms traditional buyers into cash buyers.

This amazing program consists of two powerful components:

Cash Offer

Designed to push your offers to the top of any seller’s list, this program offers sellers cash upfront, making the deal irresistible. AnnieMac Private Equity will help you make an offer that they simply can’t refuse.

Buy Now, Sell Later

This program is perfect for homeowners looking to upgrade. It eliminates the need to sell before buying a new home, removing the common stressors of timing and contingencies.

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🏠 Ready to Skip the Line in Your Home-Buying Journey? 🏠

There’s no need to wait. Get ahead of the game and secure your dream home today with AnnieMac’s Cash2Keys Cash Offer. All it takes is a few simple steps, and you’ll hold the keys to a new life.

Answer a few questions below to get started by speaking with a Cash2Keys advisor – no cost or obligation – Your dream home is just a cash offer away! 👇


Frequently Asked Questions

1What is an AnnieMac Cash2Keys Cash Offer?

A Cash2Keys offer is a purchase contract backed by a cash offer. After a short due diligence period where you can have a home inspection and appraisal, the cash offer becomes non-refundable, and the seller knows that it will close. Once your offer is accepted, you can finance your mortgage through AnnieMac Home Mortgage, or your preferred lender to purchase the home.

2Why are Cash Offers better than an offer with mortgage financing?

Sellers love cash offers and prefer them to financed offers. With an AnnieMac Cash2Keys Cash Offer, the seller knows that after the due diligence period the transaction is sure to close based on the terms of the offer and the backing of AnnieMac Private Equity Cash2Key.

3What’s the catch? What do I have to pay for the Cash Offer service?

While there is a small fee associated with the cash offer program, it is dependent on the fees associated with real estate transactions in your state. Please contact your AnnieMac Mortgage Loan Originator today to get details about your particular area.